Nov 19 2014

Android Reverse Engineering – decompile


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Reverse engineering of android java app using apktool, dex2jar, jd-gui to convert .apk file to .java.
By reverse engineering of android app (.apk file) we can get following :

  • understand how a particular UI in an App is constructed
  • reading AndroidManifest.xml – permissions, activities, intents etc in the App
  • native libraries and images used in that App
  • obsfucated code ( android SDK, by default, uses  ProGuard tool which shrinks, optimizes, and obfuscates your code by removing unused code and renaming classes, fields, and methods with semantically obscure names.

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Dec 10 2013

Top 10 folder Lock Software for Windows

Lock folders and files

Protecting your important files on your PC is an essential matter of all the users. By the passing of time, everyone feels insecure and they all are in search for a third party apps or software which can protect all the important data from viruses and other hackers.

To make you a secure PC user, here we have enlisted some of the best Folder Lock Software fro Windows users. If you are using a Windows operating system on your PC, this article is worth a try to secure your PC’s data.

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